Welcome to The Digital Partnership

Martini Media can increase the value of your digital inventory with premium advertising and advanced data targeting technology

If you are a B2B or High Net Worth digital publisher then Martini Media could help you increase the monetization of your inventory.

We can do this in two ways. Firstly, we work closely with many premium business advertisers who will invest enviable rates for the right digital inventory. Secondly, we have outstanding data-driven audience targeting technology that can positively re-value your inventory.

Martini Media data-driven audience targeting is able to breakdown digital audiences into remarkably specific targetable segments which are valued at a higher rate than less targeted inventory can command. Essentially, our technology minimizes inventory wastage to ensure better conversion rates for business advertisers and better revenue return for publishers.

Martini Media data-driven audience targeting enables us to generate revenue for publishers in three ways:

Inventory Provision

Your website is included in the Martini Media business advertising network alongside other major publishers.

Data Provision

Share non personally identifiable audience data for targeting across the Martini Media premier B2B network and share revenue when your data is used to target an ad.

Audience Extension

Sell and target impressions to your site visitors after they have left your site.

Whatever options you choose to monetize your inventory, as a Martini Media publisher you always retain control of which campaigns are shown on your site.